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It is a common known fact that when the sun shines we feel better about ourselves, happier and more active. There are many health benefits associated with responsible UV tanning other than just giving your body a healthy colour. These include, receiving additional Vitamin D, Improving bone structure, reducing heart diseases, reducing risk of cancer, boosting your immune system and more.

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The Main Services we provide
  • Sunbeds
  • Urban Spray Tan

Our Procedures

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Our Packages

Different options for you to choose from

Sunbed Tanning

£ 40.00Time Dur : 1 hr

Tanning beds and standup booths harness the same types of ultraviolet radiation produced by the sun—UVA rays, which penetrate lower skin layers to trigger pigment change, and UVB rays, which brown the outer layers. These apparatus change the ratio between the two types of naturally occurring radiation, yielding a tan safely and in far less time than it would take to darken outdoors. We provide single sessions as well as courses of different length for you to choose from.

Its quality is undeniable, Urban Tan has already gained star status as the spray tan is used by celebrities such as Paris Hilton and has been rated as 5 star by Elle Magazine. Urban tan solutions are paraben free and fragrance free - unlike other leading brands.

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